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CommonSensing FIJI
Improved climate change resilience and sustainable development in Commonwealth of Nations Small Island Developing States

Small Island Developing States(SIDS) located in the Caribbean,Pacific, Africa, Indian Ocean,Mediterranean and South ChinaSeas (AIMS) belonging to theCommonwealth Secretariat areexposed to the damaging effects ofclimate change. Such changes inthe climatic system have directeffects on the economy as well asthe very existence of many SIDS.

The overall objective of theproposed CommonSensing project is to improve resilience towards climate change, includingdisaster risk reduction, and contribute to sustainable development in three selected SIDS: Fiji, theSolomon Islands and Vanuatu. This will be achieved through direct interaction with existing programmeswithin the Commonwealth Secretariat including the Climate Finance Access Hub. Activities will be imple-mentedin support of national government agencies and regional Commonwealth structures.

CommonSensing will focus on a sustainable service development delivering tools and information for improved climate action and knowledge transfer customized to the requirements for each country.

The CommonSensing Offering consists of Two Elements:
Geospatial and Climate
Information and
Decision Making Tools
Capacity Building for:
  • Technical Experts
  • Sectoral Specialists
  • Decision Makers

2019 Launch | FIJI
End to End Service For Improved Climate Resilience.


1. Vulnerability to hydro-meteorological and geophysical disasters: Cyclones, floods, droughts, landslides

2. Deforestation and land degradation

3. Access to clean water

4. Food security and maritime sector efficiency

5. Sewage treatment and waste management

6. Deteriorating road systems

7. Overall vulnerability to climate change

8. Affordable and reliable access to energy